Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amicalola Falls through a Spy Camera and a Pen

Because school hasn't started yet, I headed out to Amicalola Falls to climb the 604 stairs and to do a bit of drawing. Once again, I brought the spy camera.

Here's what I saw:






At the midpoint, I said to myself, "Theresa, you don't need another self portrait in front of the falls. You already have a bajillion." Who was I kidding?


From the visitor center to the base of the falls, there's a short trail that goes through the woods. I took this trail, like I usually do, but I kept feeling spider webs on my arms and face--as if I was walking through single strands. I was the crazy lady who kept brushing her arms and face and running her fingers through her hair to make sure there weren't any spiders on me. (Nothing ever was.)

I decided I wasn't going to take this way back. There's a road from the visitor center to the base of the falls (where the fishing hole is). I figured I'd take the road back. After climbing to the top, then back down, and drawing here and there, I saw a different trail that was signed as being a way back to the visitor center. I went for it.

Then, I saw this:


A bonafide wild snake! In this picture it's sneaking away to the bushes, but it was right in the middle of the trail when I encountered it. I got about 4-5 feet away from it before I saw it. Gene and Nikki, this is for you: I exclaimed, "Oh, Jesus!" when I saw it. I stepped back a couple of feet and realized I don't know a damn thing about snakes. My brain tried to remember what Bill Nye the Science Guy had said about snake colors and what was poisonous, but I saw that show about a million years ago.

So, I just watched it. Then, bing! I remembered I had my spy camera. I pulled out the spy camera and the damn thing started to move. "Hold on fella, I wanna get your picture!" I said as I walked closer to it. What you see above was the best picture I got. (My best guess is that it's a corn snake.)

There you have it Amicalola Falls through a spy camera and pen and my first wild snake experience.

T. Budnik


Bezzie said...

What's cool is when you see 'em dead on the side of the road. You think "Oh, some poor sap lost a belt on their car." Nope!

The only wild snakes I've ever seen are garter snakes in CO.

Oh hey, I digga the new layout.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you didn't FREAK OUT!!!! Love, Mom

birdie said...

Rae has a python named Simon. He's friendly.
I like the way the spy camera gives a horror movie quality to the pictures. Almost as if you could make a horror picture book with them. Oooo.

Margaret said...

This only goes to show that home security camera systems also work well in the jungle. :)