Friday, November 30, 2007

The Big Move 2007
Day #2: North Carolina

The older kids had to go to school all day. Eugie went to school, too. She went for a half day. So, after we picked Eugie up from school, we went out to lunch at a good ol’ fashioned Southern buffet. Folks, it was my last taste of Southern food. Although, I didn’t eat much local fare when I was there. I did eat barbeque in Memphis and got a pulled pork sandwich at fine national chains such as The Cheesecake Factory and The Hard Rock CafĂ©. This quaint North Carolina buffet was exactly how you would picture it: there were old people dining. There were heavy-set people eating. And, the servers and cashier had that little bit of Southern je ne sais quoi.

After we ate, we hit a thrift store that had just opened so it wasn’t really good. You have to give thrift stores at least a year for them to really collect some weird stuff. I drew a sidewalk chalk portrait of Eugie on the basketball court behind the house. And, I think I traced her, too, and maybe Liam. I don’t have pictures of that artwork. I don’t know why. Of course, we had to swing on the swingset right next to the basketball court. Who can resist swings? And, when you have a willing aunt visiting, how could you not ask for a push or to sit on her lap and swing?

Dinner was delish. We had Cornish hens. We got our own bird. I’ve never had my own bird. And, Nikki made her famous carrot cake. Mmmm!

Visiting the Budnik 6 is always good times. They always say they’re boring, but let me tell you, it’s nice to just chill. Chillin’ was something I hadn’t done for a very long time. And, as you would suspect, the Budnik 6 have furniture. Something I lack now and lacked about a week before I moved out of my apartment. Of course, the Budnik 6 have spectacular personalities that make for good conversation. And, that, my friends, makes them the opposite of boring.

Here you see my littlest nephew, Liam. Let me tell you, this kid isn’t even 3 (three) years old and he knows how to work the computer. I’ve seen commercials for “My First Computer”—a computer that is made just for little kids. Um, Liam doesn’t need one of those. He knows how to work the adult computer. He can get onto the game websites and play the games he likes—Dora the Explorer, The Backyardigans. He’s one sharp kid.


Here’s my oldest brother, Gene. Jammin’. Although, he doesn’t look too happy in this picture. It wasn't until the libations were poured that things really started cookin’.


That reminds me. Nikki was kind enough to mix me a pomegranate martini—my graduation drink. See, when I was an undergraduate, I didn’t drink a drop of liquor. When I finally graduated, I decided it was time for a beer. (That was the longest 3-hour beer of my life.) This time around, I felt that my graduation from a grad school (that isn’t quite a grad school) required something a bit more classy—a martini. I got a martini the night of graduation at Central City Tavern with fellow graduates and students, but that was like the longest 3-hour martini of my life. Nikki’s fine drink went down smooth and delicious. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of me with said martini or the drink itself with its kooky sword-toothpick through the lime.

Finalement, Rasputin desperately wanted his picture taken with the Budnik 6. They obliged, except maybe Liam. He looks quite upset.


In the middle of the night, it seems Rasputin couldn’t resist temptation and had a little liaison with Nikki. For that, he rode in the trunk the entire next day.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Big Move 2007
Day #1

I'm finally bloggin' about my travels. As I write this, I am sitting cross-legged on the floor with my wireless keyboard on my lap, my wireless mouse to my side, my monitor on an upside down Rubbermaid tub, and my laptop sits on the floor behind the tub. Currently, my right foot is falling asleep. And, I'm afraid that living furnitureless like this will require many, many future trips to a chiropractor. Well, come hell or high water, I'm going to blog about my big move. Even if I'm only in this town for the month I've rented this room.

So, it all started on a holiday: Halloween. My roommate and I scrubbed and vacuumed and we got out of our funky apartment. Gooooooodbyyyyyyye spiders, ants, and random roaches!

Here's a picture of what my room looked like in the final moments. The morning we checked out, I gave that laundry basket to the laundry people. They seemed appreciative. Remember, every single item I own I had to put into my car--besides the 4 (four) boxes of books I sent to my parents and the printer/scanner I sent to my sister.


That night, my now former roommate's parents were kind enough to let me sleep at their house. Being Halloween, my former roommate and I had no other choice than to dress up like Alaskans. Can you tell which one is a REAL Alaskan?


On the 1st of November, I drove back into the city to say goodbye to the good people at school. This is me saying goodbye to the actual, physical school.


My sock monkeys were all prepared for the trip.


And, this is what my odometer read. I can guarantee you that my car now has a couple thousand extra miles on it than other cars its age do.


About 10:30am, I was on I-20 headed east. Soon enough I was out of Georgia. Goooooodbyyyyyye, Georgia! Helllllllooooooo, South Carolina! At the welcome center, Rasputin and I got out to stretch our legs, go to the bathroom, and buy an overpriced Snickers from the vending machine.


We turned onto I-95, I believe, and shortly we were saying Gooooooooodbyyyyye, South Carolina! Helllllllooooooooo, North Carolina! We made a couple more turns and made our way to the residence of the Budnik 6.

There was merriment and rockin' out.


Until the next day!

T. Budnik

Are you sad you didn't get a souvenir? Don't fret, there's plenty to choose from at the brand spankin' new Everyday Adventures Shop. There you will find classic souvenirs such as poorly designed t-shirts and mugs. Don't see the item you want--like you want a hooded sweatshirt with a particular picture? Leave me a comment and I'll get it for you!

New items are added with each post about the trip.
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The Big Move of 2007

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week #47


Whew, I am finally caught up with my planner scans! Except, they aren't scans. My scanner still resides in my dear sister's closet. I had to take photos. And then tweak the color. Then, I had to do some good ol' fashioned redacting to protect the innocent. I didn't smudge the addresses and phone numbers of businesses I have patronized, or thought of patronizing. So, if you're looking for an oil change, a Wal-Mart, or a cab, you'll find some phone numbers and addresses in some of these recent planner scans.

T. Budnik
Week #46


T. Budnik
Week #45


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Week #44


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Week #43


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Want One


This book caught my eye before I left Atlanta. But not only did I not have the money to buy a brand new book, I didn't have sufficient time to scope it. I did have time, though, to write down the title and author. During some Internet surfing, I googled Maira Kalman. And I discovered what the book is about.

Apparently Maira Kalman created a monthly column for The New York Times. The first year of columns are published in this book also titled The Principles of Uncertainty. You can go here and read it. It is delightful. I read it in one sitting. The style reminds me very much of Dan Price's book, The Moonlight Chronicles. The illustration styles are different, but the successful marriage of text and image is where the similarity sprouts.

Rest assured, when I do acquire The Principles of Uncertainty, I'll read it, review it, and let you know if the physical version is just as good as the online.

T. Budnik

I've Been Tagged!

By Toni. And, although I'm neglecting my other blogging duties, I can't bring shame to this blog by ignoring a tag. So, here it is, 7 (seven) weird and random things about me:

1. I save my toenail and fingernail clippings.
Ewww, gross! I don't. I just wanted to imagine everyone's faces when they read that. In fact, I was on the train and overheard a conversation between two women. One woman was warning the other how you never know about men. She then related the story of her friend who found a drawer full of nail clippings in her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend's apartment.

2. Sometimes I think this move has been the best, most exciting, adventurous, smartest thing I've done, but other times I think it was the stupidest, worst, most ridiculous thing I could have done straight out of school.

3. I have a thing with locking my car doors. I have to make the car honk 2, sometimes 3, times. I think this is an OCD thing.

4. I found a guitar pick in my giant Riverside Shakespeare book that I had to buy my sophomore year in college. While I finally sold the damn book, I have yet to get rid of the guitar pick.

5. I wear my contacts every other day--switching with my glasses--but I keep them for longer than 2 weeks. Usually it's longer than a month.

6. Have I told you how much I love peanut butter? I can eat a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and finish it with some type of peanut buttery candy (Reeses Cups, Take 5, etc.) and it never occurs to me how much peanut butter I'm consuming.

7. I'm hungry right now. I really need to go grocery shopping. All I have to eat is 1 granola bar, 1 apple, and 2 microwavable burritos. And none of that seems like it should be consumed for breakfast.

So, now I'm tagging KBezzie, my dear sister, not because I think she'll do this, but because I've been told by one other reader that Toni needs to read her blog. Then I will tag Kim of Power Love.

T. Budnik

Friday, November 23, 2007

Guess Where I Am?

Folks, I feel like I am still in transit--despite having temporary living arrangements--and I don't want to chronicle my adventure until the story is completely finished (I don't know when that'll be, but I'm hoping sooner than later). But, I've missed bloggin'. It's been a long time.

So, for now, I give you my current location--through the spy camera!





Um, what would a collection of photos be if I didn't include a self portrait?


I take no responsibility for that hair.

And then, to make things interesting, I'll include this clue of doodles I did on November 21st. It sure did feel good to be doodlin' again. I just wish I had been given more napkins.


Sorry, I don't have my scanner so I had to take a (blurry) picture.

T. Budnik

PS. If you know where I am, please don't spoil the fun for those few who may not know where I am and reveal the location in your comments.